MissionWay Logo

This project was a logo redesign for a 3 year old church. As they prepared to move into a permanent location, they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to rebrand. With the need to order new environmental graphics and way-finding signage, as well as a choose a color palette for the physical space, there was no better time, financially or logistically, to reassess their brand.

The church is highly involved in their local community and had done a good job with brand consistency, so there was concern about loosing the equity they had put into their brand. We decide to refresh the brand (the logo at the bottom of this page) instead of abandon it. The elements we chose to retain were the circular icon and an M in the center, the dominant color blue (though we changed the shade) and the all-caps wordmark.

The new icon can be interpreted in many ways, including community, symbiosis, energy, safety, movement, unity, trinity and more.

The workmark font was switched from Eurostile to Futura. This gives a more modern, strong and versatile font for the brand (Futura, in all its weights, will be carried through their print branding).