Clients that approach me for design solutions are typically fully committed to their vision — they love their calling, their customers, their product, their church. But design isn't their first language. They want to reach their audience but aren't sure how. Or, the demands on their time are too great, and they just need to delegate to someone they can trust.

My goal is to help you tell your unique story to your specific audience.

I have years of experience listening to decision makers and translating their knowledge and passion into graphic solutions. That may take the form of a logo, event graphics, environmental signage, t-shirts, print materials.

My approach to design is to: 

  • start by asking the right questions
  • listen well to your knowledge and intuition
  • blend my creativity with clear goals for success
  • value our relationship
  • deliver a high-quality solution

And I do this all from my home office on an inland lake in West Michigan (it started out as a "cottage" that we remodeled; hence, my business name). 

When I'm not at my desk, I'm likely hanging out with my husband and two growing boys. Or, I'm in the kitchen. Or I'm dreaming of traveling — beyond the 30,000 local miles I drive each year.

I'd love to talk more about whether my experience and your needs are a good fit. 


Becky Martin